Friday, May 22, 2009

I think I'm back

Hello, have been thinking about returning to the blog world for a while now and have also been doing alot of crafting again. Myself and a friend have done a few craft stalls together and they have gone well!! People actually bought things! I was amazed! So i thought i'd return and share our adventures with you all. I hope you are all well i shall try to keep this updated now so please come back and say hello, cheers mandy

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where have I been?????

Well mostly I have been............. not sure really, I can't believe so long has passed since my last post, bonkers! I have been upto loads of stuff, the main one is that I am now about 4 months pregnant , like a few other bloggers I see!! I have felt good for the whole time really just sooooo tired, in bed by 9, thats as long I can stay up at the mo!! We went on holiday to Pembrokshire last week, it was gorgeous and soo sunny and quiet, loved it!
I have completed my permaculture design course, it was amazing!!!! So I have many plans for the allotment, though at the mo I am busy keeping the weeds at bay!
I have been thinking that I don't think I'm gunna be able to keep this up ( as spoted by my 2 month abscence! ) So I shall have to bid my blog a farewell, and all the people who left comments, thanks to you all! I shall still do stuff and pop about from time to time, but I don't want to not have too many things on my plate at the mo, I have a habbit of taking on too much and there's not enough hours as it is! As the summer goes on I shall need to be up the allotment more and more and sunshine doesn't encourage me to sit by the ole PC.
I hope everyone has fun and thanks, BYE BYE x

Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring, Easter and a bunny

Well easter is here and it prompted me out of my craftless slumber to make a wee bunny!! She hopped into the garden and just happened to sit next to some lovely spring flowers and horrah! Here she is. I am pretty happy with how she turned out! I think the face is a little on the vacant looking side of things, but hey you can be worse things than a bit vacant looking! It's the first time I have stuffed legs and then sewn them in and it went okay but you can see some of the stitching on one, but hey ho, first attempt and all that!!

Heres some tulips from the garden, I love tulips they are beautiful!

Friday, April 07, 2006

How long has it been!!!

Flippin heck I can't believe I haven't written on here for, well about 7 years ( slight exageration but only slight!?!?!? ) I must try and keep upto date! Truth is I haven't done much in the way of crafting for a while, sewing machine is under the stairs and weighs 9 stone and is tricky to get at ( am I making excuses? ) and the dog ate everything ( what dog?? ) Must try harder!! Am getting ready for the big sewing time ( seeds in the allotment type of sewing! ) I put in some potatoes, spring onions and garlic the other day, not long and plenty seeds shall follow!!
Anyhows as it's always nice to see some piccies, here's a drawing I did last year sometime, it doesn't look very good on here as it's doen with very fine pen, but hopefully you get the jist!! Also thanks for all the really lovely comments about the book I made, you are all too kind.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A pressie for my Ma.

Here is what I have been a busy bee making. It's a kiddies book!! My mum wrote the story ages ago and gave it to me to do some illustrations. It was her birthday on Saturday and I wanted to finish them and make a little book. I am really pleased with it and really enjoyed doing it!! I am the first to admit I am not the best book maker in the world but as it's my first I can only get better. I'd love to illustrate childrens books. Stan and I went to the local library yesterday, I could stay there all day looking at the childrens books, though we had to leave due to a nappy change required! I'd love to hear what you think of my book!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My B'day and 7 deadly sins!!

Well yesterday was my birthday!! 33 blimmyhow did that happen?!?!? Had a brill day lots of yummy food and a trip to the local museum, soopa! There was an emroidery exhibition there, some brill stuff, must pop back with the ole camera!
Also I have been a busy bee, made a pin cushion for my granny for her birthday ( and totally forgot to take a photo of it, bums! ) And made these Atcs for a 7 deadly sins swap!

I went for a bit of a gardening theme?! some are abit tenuous but I think they'll be okay?!?!? mixed scratchy type drawings with photos and bits drawn it the computer, I'll be interested in what you think of them ( and indeed if you can tell which one's which!! ) I have also been busy working on something else, bit of a biggy, should be finished by friday fingers crossed and with a fair wind that is.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Knitty knit knit!!

I have been a knitting!!

A jumper for Stan, so many boys clothes are blue or beige, both lovely colours but I wanted something well redder so I chose this wool. It's for a 3-4 year old so I have a while to get it done but I did have a big burst then b'day gift making popped up so my attention is elsewhere at the mo. Also slowing the progress are the calls and visits to and from my mum helping be decipher the pattern ( and correcting mistakes!!? )